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What Others Are Saying About The Guitar Solo Masterclass....

Mark Thomas

Caleb Horney

"Jon's grasp on practical musical patterns is impeccable. Even though I went to music school, Jon's lessons helped me apply theory and take my playing to the next level..." 

Joshua Merrick

“I’ve really enjoyed my time learning and growing as a guitar player through this carefully-crafted site. Jonathan does a great job of setting you up for success, in order to take you from where you are to where you want to be. He teaches in a very articulate and easy-to-understand way that I really appreciate. I highly recommend Jonathan!”

Vern Zachgo

I'm amazed at how easy it is to create a musical sound. What helps is that the lessons are available in two speeds and I can watch how Jonathan's playing the pattern and don't have to concern myself with the notes. Thanks Jonathan, this is fun and easy and I'm having fun learning!

Shane Butler

 “I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years, and teaching for 12 and have known all my pentatonic positions for years, but I’ve never intentionally spent time sliding in and out of the positions. I do it unintentionally all the time, but never practiced it the way you suggested in your video, and in 5 minutes it’s like everything came together next level” 
How Long Will It Take To Get Access?

Upon signing up - you'll receive an email invitation to set up your account. Click on the link and enter your personal code.

Whenever you want to access the course, go to: soundslice.com then hit Log In. There you will be able to enter your email and password which will give you FULL access to the course. 
How Long Will I Get Access For?

You get lifetime access to the course which you can access 24/7 through your online training portal.
Can I Use These Lessons On The Acoustic Guitar?

Yes, the concepts taught in the Masterclass work for both acoustic and electric guitar
What Experience Level Is Required For This Course?

This course is perfect for early intermediate players who know their basic chords and can play rhythm guitar, but have not attempted to play guitar solos yet. The course is also perfect for anybody who has some basic knowledge of how to play guitar solos, but want to take their playing to the next level. Advanced players who are looking for new ideas might also find this course very helpful. 
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